Friday, January 20, 2012

The Lord Will Judge

January 20, 2012

Second Friday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

By Melanie Rigney

David bowed to the ground in homage and asked Saul:"Why do you listen to those who say, 'David is trying to harm you'? You see for yourself today that the LORD just now delivered you into my grasp in the cave. I had some thought of killing you, but I took pity on you instead. I decided, 'I will not raise a hand against my lord, for he is the LORD's anointed and a father to me.' Look here at this end of your mantle which I hold. Since I cut off an end of your mantle and did not kill you, see and be convinced that I plan no harm and no rebellion. I have done you no wrong, though you are hunting me down to take my life. The LORD will judge between me and you, and the LORD will exact justice from you in my case(1 Samuel 24:9-13)

Have mercy on me, God, have mercy on me. In you I seek refuge. In the shadow of your wings I seek refuge till harm pass by. (Psalms 57:2)

Jesus went up the mountain and summoned those whom he wanted and they came to him. He appointed Twelve, whom he also named Apostles, that they might be with him and he might send them forth to preach and to have authority to drive out demons. (Mark 3:13-15)


Lord, forgive me for the times I’ve tried to take over Your job. Help me to leave the judging to you.


My ex-husband used to call me “Supercop of the World.” Too many items in the 10 items or fewer line at the supermarket checkout? I’d bust you. Pulled in front of me in traffic a little too close for my comfort? I’d honk at you. In college, a friend and I chose to make public in the newspaper a personal indiscretion by one of our colleagues. Years later, I’d commit the same indiscretion. Yes, God does have a sense of humor… and a gentle way of showing us that when we fail to accept His grace and guidance, none of us is any better or worse than anyone else on this planet.

David, one of the most flawed and most insightful and faithful people in the Old Testament, had a golden opportunity to kill Saul, who was in hot pursuit of David. David’s men urged him on. David was close enough that he cut off part of Saul’s cloak. And yet, David, who in so many other instances would lack self-control, found it. “The Lord will judge between me and you,” he tells Saul. Ultimately, David becomes king himself.

So often in our lives, we’d like to be judge, jury, and executioner. It’s easier to consider the situation from our own perspective only, rather than consider the other viewpoint… or, better still, leave the judging up to the Lord. May we all learn from David’s example.


The Diocese of Arlington Cursillo Secretariat will make a decision next Tuesday, January 24, on our lay director for the coming three years. Thanks to all of you who have offered prayers and your thoughts. We invite you to join us for Mass at 7 p.m. at St. Charles Borromeo, 3304 N. Washington Blvd. in Arlington, and then to take part in a community celebration that will follow at St. Charles immediately after the Secretariat meets to discern. If you can’t join us in person, please join us in spirit and prayer. For more information, visit

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