Friday, August 24, 2012

The Glorious Splendor of Your Kingdom

The Glorious Splendor of Your Kingdom

August 24, 2012
Feast of Saint Bartholomew, Apostle

By Melanie Rigney
Your friends make known, O Lord, the glorious splendor of your Kingdom. (Psalms 145:12)

“Amen, amen, I say to you, you will see heaven opened and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man.” (John 1:51)

Lord, I know Your home will be beautiful beyond my imagination. Help me to feel worthy of the place You have prepared for me.

What’s your idea of heaven? In today’s Gospel reading, John paints a visual picture of angels alighting on Jesus. In the first reading, the writer talks of Jerusalem descending from above, gleaming and radiant.

The thing is, we honestly have no idea what it’ll be like—beyond the greatest gift of all, being with God. We don’t know what we’ll be like physically. We don’t know for sure that we’ll reconnect with everyone who has gone before us. We trust in God.

I wonder, though, what God will see when we arrive. Will He see a litany of our sins or virtues, all actions or inaction?  He’s already aware of, but summarized for Him in some way, because He’s a busy guy? Will He see flawed people who did their best in a flawed world traveled by demons? Or will none of that matter, because if we get to heaven, we’ve already been through purgatory and emerged clean and pure?

People say they’re going to have a lot of questions for God when they get to heaven, why did He let this or that happen, what was the meaning of this or that. I suspect He’ll have a few questions for us as well, even though He already knows the answers, questions like “How much did you love?” and “What did you do to bring souls to the Kingdom?” And if we’re not happy with our answers in this world, I doubt he’ll be happy with in the next. Not angry, just sad. And disappointed we didn’t focus more on those questions than on trying to figure out what heaven would be like.

Meditate on what questions God has for you—and your answers.

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