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To the Level Path

To the Level Path

June 1, 2013

Memorial of Saint Justin, Martyr

When I was young and innocent, I sought wisdom openly in my prayer I prayed for her before the temple, and I will seek her until the end, and she flourished as a grape soon ripe. My heart delighted in her, My feet kept to the level path because from earliest youth I was familiar with her. Sirach 51:13-15
Jesus said to them, “I shall ask you one question. Answer me, and I will tell you by what authority I do these things. Was John’s baptism of heavenly or of human origin? Answer me.” Mark 11:29-30


Teach me your way of looking at people: as you glanced at Peter after his denial, as you penetrated the heart of the rich young man and the hearts of your disciples.  I would like to meet you as you really are, since your image changes those with whom you come into contact.  Remember John the Baptist’s first meeting with you?  And the centurion’s feeling of unworthiness?  And the amazement of all those who saw miracles and other wonders?  How you impressed your disciples, the rabble in the Garden of Olives, Pilate and his wife and the centurion at the foot of the cross. . . .

I would like to hear and be impressed by your manner of speaking, listening, for example, to your discourse in the synagogue in Capharnaum or the Sermon on the Mount where your audience felt you “taught as one who has authority.”

—Pedro Arrupe, SJ

Excerpt from Hearts on Fire: Praying with Jesuits, edited by Michael Harter, SJ.


In our first reading from Sirach (one of the books of the Catholic canon that does not appear in the Hebrew Bible), an early devotion to the wisdom of the Lord laid a solid foundation for the challenges of faith later in life. “My feet kept to the level path because from earliest youth I was familiar with her. (Sirach 51:15b).
However, that does not make the seeker immune from the challenges of life. Wisdom provides a level of protection from the tests one faces in life. “My soul was tormented in seeking her, My hand opened her gate and I came to know her secrets.” (Sirach 51:19a)

Command of knowledge also is how Jesus protects himself from the trap being laid by the Pharisees. He avoids the trap by setting a counter-mind trap that the temple leaders cannot answer to their satisfaction.


What role does wisdom and knowledge have in building a solid foundation for your faith-life?
Study is an essential leg of our Cursillo tripod. Pope Emeritus Benedict directed us to study church documents like the catechism to enhance our journey in the Year of Faith. How will you resolve to expand your faith with study and action?

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