Saturday, February 15, 2014

Enough Bread

Jeroboam did not give up his evil ways.  1 Kings 13:33a

His disciples answered him, “Where can anyone get enough bread to satisfy them here in this deserted place?”  Mark 8:4

Jesus, once again we see many people following you and those closest to Jesus still needing to learn lessons.  You take care of us.  You give us everything we need. Sometimes like these disciples, we doubt and think we will not have enough. We worry about having food, clothes, and a place to live. Help us trust more that You will always take care of us and continue to feed us and teach us.  Amen.

The possible irony of this question makes me smile.  Taken in literal order, Jesus has already had one feeding scene in Mark 6 where he fed the five thousand from five loaves and two fish.  If so, then this might be a candidate for a silly question.

However, that assumes this was another unique event.  Was this a second event or another interpretation of one single event feeding a large crowd?  We will never know but the details that differ in the two accounts may simply reflect different interpretations of the same event.  The notes in the New American Bible explain that in one tradition, the event has a Judeo-Christian tone while in the other, it extends Jesus’ ministry to the Gentiles.

When people give up their ways and follow Jesus, they will be fed.  When they do not, we see and hear what happens with Jeroboam. 

Where are you fed?  No, I am not referring to your favorite restaurant but rather where are you fed spiritually?  Once you ended your Cursillo weekend, the seeds of your faith will not continue to flourish without your personal pursuit of the tripod and the group support of your faith community. 

Some need nothing more than the Bible.  Others find nourishment in traditional faith practices like the rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, or other prayers.  Others find that going out into God’s world on a run or a bike ride helps while others may find they can be fed through mediation, lectio or visits to their favorite retreat location (Missionhurst, Dominican, Benedictine, Trappist, Franciscan or other).   

Be fed. 

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