Saturday, January 10, 2015

Out of the Water

By Rev. Joe McCloskey, SJ

A bruised reed he shall not break, and a smoldering wick he shall not quench, until he establishes justice on the earth; the coastlands will wait for his teaching.  Isaiah 42:3-4

It happened in those days that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized in the Jordan by John.  On coming up out of the water he saw the heavens being torn open and the Spirit, like a dove, descending upon him.  And a voice came from the heavens, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.”  1:9-11

Our piety shines out by the ways we make the Lord present in our life and for the lives around us.  Our presence, when we are living the fullness of our lives in the name of Christ, baptizes the moment we are in with the presence of Christ.  Our baptism gave us the life of Christ.  We belong to the Trinity by our Baptism.  Christ went into the waters of the Jordan and made all the waters of our world holy by accepting the Baptism of John.  Our baptism makes the goodness of our lives into the presence of Christ to others.  The blood and the water that pours from the side of Christ pierced on the cross becomes the Sacramental life of the Church.  We are the Sacramental life of the Church.  We baptize the world around us by living the baptism of Jesus.  The spirit that was poured over Christ continues to be poured through the goodness of our lives by our living in Christ.  Our piety is seen in all the ways we live out the mind and the heart of Christ in what we do for one another.

We learn from Christ how to share the spirit by sharing the good news with the poor and working for the release of all the captives of the bad spirit in our world.  We might well be a light shining in the darkness of our world, but we are never alone when we work in the name of Christ.  By making the voice of Christ heard in our world, bruised reeds are not broken and smoldering wicks spark up to burn more brightly.  We study how to establish his justice on the earth.  We discover by our study that it is the Lord who calls us for the victory of justice.  It is Christ that has called us and formed us to be his covenant with the world.

Action is our expression of our covenant with the Lord.  Christ has formed us and set us to be lights shining in the darkness of our world.  How we open our hearts to the needs of the poor around us is the expression of the covenant the Lord makes with our world through us.  Our actions make us partners with the Lord in his mission of sharing the good news of God’s love for the world through Christ.  Our actions in the name of Christ allow us to stand before God and listen to ourselves being called his beloved children.  The miracles of conversion happen through our willingness to be Christ for one another.  Baptism gave us into the possession of the Trinity.  The peace that flows from our sharing love with the needy of our world is the sound of the approval of God of our lives of service.  We are mean to be his beloved children and Baptism makes it possible.

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