Monday, August 03, 2015


When Moses heard the people, family after family, crying at the entrance of their tents, so that the LORD became very angry, he was grieved. “Why do you treat your servant so badly?” Moses asked the LORD. “Why are you so displeased with me that you burden me with all this people? Number 11:10-11

Taking the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven, he said the blessing, broke the loaves, and gave them to the disciples, who in turn gave them to the crowds. They all ate and were satisfied.  Matthew 14:19B-20A

Rule of St. Benedict Chapter 52: On the Oratory of the Monastery
Let the oratory be what it is called, a place of prayer; and let nothing else be done there or kept there. When the Work of God is ended, let all go out in perfect silence, and let reverence for God be observed, so that any sister who may wish to pray privately will not be hindered by another's misconduct. 

The two Eucharist stories in today’s readings present very different emotional ranges.

The people of Israel were grumbling about their plight of eating manna in the desert and their emotions rubbed off on Moses.  However, the people fed by Jesus were “satisfied.”  Jesus on the other hand was not in the same space.

 Salvador Dali's “Sacrament of the Last Supper
He just got the news that his cousin was executed.  He tried to grieve in private but the people flocked to him.  Jesus did not take up the grumbling of Moses.  He took up the role of the provider.  Jesus did some of his best work at parties and this crowd was destined to be the part of his one of his symbolic pre-Eucharistic banquets. 

The grief over John also placed Jesus in the peculiar emotional state.  He knows that when he institutes the true Eucharistic banquet, his emotions will be that of a man who knows he will be led to the executioner as well.  Yet, he triumphs over that and provides food in abundance. 

St. Benedict wants us to have a special reverence for the proper church or chapel.  However, to go to church these days – especially during summer vacation season – people will show up in the most unlikely of demeanors.  I revel in the fact that they take time from vacation to show up.  They may be finding God in the mountains, the beaches and the amusement parks.  Yet they take time to count the blessings with which they have been blessed. 

God sometimes shows up in the most unlikely places.  Today, we hear of two stories where miracles occurred in the desert.  What unlikely place will God show up in your life today?  

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